2 movies, 1 exam – the week gone by

Having been preparing for the last 6-8 months, finally had my first exam done and dusted last week. It was an ok ok one and more of a relief to be done with and move on. Decided to relax a bit but a movie a day plan didn’t work out as somehow I was busy with one thing or the other.

Eventually watched two movies, Traffic and Marykkundoru Kunjaadu [MKK]. While the former was so good, the latter brought me back to reality. MKK was a total Dileep Entertainer type movies, though it was quite overhyped, and too much of a Dileep prototype. Slapstick and dry humor, which I dint find that funny, though there were few moments, but non really that impressive. Seemed more like an aggregate of the multiple roles he has played before. Standout acting by Biju Menon keeps the mystery of his character going from beginning to end, but the movie had a good easy going music to keep the audience awake. Bhavana unusually was just in the movie for promotion sake, with hardly a few worthwhile scenes and dialogues. Nevertheless it was a steep fall after watching Traffic.

Been working on a logo or watermark to put up on my captures, and after a lot of thought came up with this. Borrowed the symbol which is a Rod of Asclepius and used both Malayalam and English diction to create it. Fairly happy with it and will be using this on my pictures from now on.

Glad to be back with some Premier League action this week. Two exciting games would be the Liverpool – Everton derby and spurs taking on Manchester United at White Hart Lane. Have a wonderful weekend guys.


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